The COSFIC team

The 2017 COSFIC team

More than 2500 volunteers and 25 clubs, without whom this event could not take place, are participating in the organization and smooth running of the event.
The bureau of the Organisation Committee of the International Cycling Week in Mortagne-au-Perche:

President: Francois Beaudouin
Vice-Presidents: Gérard Courville, Dominique Naslin
Secretary: Jean-Marie Geslain
Treasurer: Mireille Querteux
Assistant treasurer: Christiane Huger

The committees responsible for the organisation

sf2017-ffct-picto-infos-pratiques-convivialite-benevolesConviviality / volunteers

Organisers: François Beaudouin - Hervé Gautier

• Decoration
• Management of disputes
• Entertainment

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Supervisors: Jean-Lou Dollion - Laurent Griset

• Signage
• Support

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Supervisors: François Beaudouin - Gérard Courville - Dominique Naslin

• Publication
• Press relations
• Media monitoring

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sf2017-ffct-picto-infos-pratiques-point-accueilReception centre

Supervisors: Gérard Courville - François Croquevieille

• Meetings with elected officials
• Agreements with municipalities, clubs

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sf2017-ffct-picto-infos-pratiques-securite-accessibiliteSecurity / Accessibility

Supervisors: Jean-Marie Geslain - Patrice Trinel

• Security in the Carré du Perche and along the circuits

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Supervisors: Micheline Pavisi - Bernard Laniesse

• Recording of registrations
• Distribution of registration forms

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sf2017-ffct-picto-infos-pratiques-accueil-tout-publicAccueil tout public

Supervisors: Eric Broust - Serge Genin

• Supervision of young people
• Traffic education certificate
• Reception of twinning committees

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Supervisors: Serge Ernault - Jean-Claude Pivard

• Breakfast and dinner
• Thursday picnic
• Closing dinner

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Supervisors: Dominique Naslin - Michel Froger

• Preparation and dismantling of camp-sites
• Preparation of collective accommodation
• Maintenance and surveillance

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sf2017-ffct-picto-infos-pratiques-village-federalFederal village

Supervisor: Jean Pavisi - Lorena Pavisi-Ledard

• Preparation of the site
• Reception and positioning of exhibitors
• Surveillance

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Supervisors: Régis Chalumeau - Joël Bouleau

• Installation of sanitary facilities
• Reception facilities
• Driving of refrigerated vehicles

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Controllers: Mireille Querteux - Christiane Huger

• Receipt of registration fees
• Management of Cashless bracelets
• COSFIC Boutique

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